It’s Friday!

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It’s Friday!

It’s Friday!  I made it through a busy week that included a strangely large amount of work and filing our taxes. It seems very appropriate to look forward to kicking back and enjoying Palm Sunday weekend with nothing much to do.  Even the weather is cooperating.  We might even run off to the beach Sunday.

I love this time of year.  Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons.  I don’t like Summer.  It’s too hot.  Winter is OK, but it does get a bit depressing in the middle of it.  But Spring is great.  It starts to get warm enough to turn off the heat and open the windows.  And I absolutely love sleeping with the windows open on a cool night.  Flowers and trees start to bloom, there are buds on all those trees that were so barren just a couple of weeks ago, the grass is making a valiant attempt at a comeback.  Even our dog wants to go out and just lie in the sun on the back deck.  What’s not to like about Spring?  Other than the pollen that attempt to take up residence in my eyes, nose and lungs.  Ok, it’s true; my love for Spring is an unrequited love. As is my love for Fall for pretty much the same reasons.

This spring is very special though.  I am waiting for my first grandchild to appear…any day now!  I am beyond excited!  A granddaughter.  Wow.  I grew up with three older brothers in a neighborhood full of boys, and then I had two sons.  A granddaughter!  I’m ready to spoil a little girl.  I’ve tried to image what it will be like to be a grandmother, to have a granddaughter.  I can’t.  I never knew my own grandmothers.  They had both passed away before I was born.  So I don’t even have that frame of reference.  It’s a grand new adventure, and I’m ready to get started on it!

So, yeah, this weekend is that proverbial calm before the storm… a very welcome, refreshing storm.


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