Tax Day at the Warehouse

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Tax Day at the Warehouse

It’s tax day at the Warehouse.  It’s not entirely last minute.  There are 7 more days before they are actually due.  This is early for me.

I have to work up to things like this.  Yesterday, I decided that today would be the day this would get done. This morning, I had to remind myself of that.  I also had to have a leisurely breakfast, listen to a podcast, post on this blog, and check out Facebook… a couple of times.

I’m ready now.

Well, I’m ready to get ready.  Certain things are required to get this job done.  I need to make sure my glass is filled with tea, fruit snacks are in hand, the dog is following me to the office (I had hoped for a cat or two, but only got a brief appearance by one)… maybe I should get dressed first.

Ok, now it’s time to get serious. Where did I put all the tax documents that came in the mail? There they are. Time to sort them into piles. I should make some sort of order out of all these email receipts. That’s better. Where is last year’s return just in case I need it? Hmmm, I have a Facebook notification. I should check that out.

Time to go to and download TurboTax Home and Business.

This whole process is taking way too long. I guess I have time to text, check Facebook again, read some emails, surf the internet… what am I supposed to be doing, again?  I forgot. Oh, yeah. Taxes. Is this thing downloaded yet?

Good. Finally. TurboTax is launching. How can a brand new download need eight critical updates? Anything new on Facebook?

Now it’s looking for last year’s tax return file. It seems to be having trouble finding it. Here, let me find it.  Hey! Right there where last year’s TurboTax program put it!  You’d think this year’s version could figure that out. Now, can we get started?

Maybe I should put my phone on vibrate. Better yet, I should put it in another room on vibrate.

Yes, I want TurboTax to “walk me through” everything. I’m a graphic artist, not a tax accountant. I like yes or no answers. Let’s get started. Business income and expenses, Randy’s income statements, interest statements, state refund from last year… looking good. We are already showing a refund and we haven’t even hit the deductions stuff yet. I’m feeling pumped now.

I must disable Facebook.

Mortgage interest, property taxes, charitable contributions… looking good!

Do I want to do my state return now? Why, yes, I do.  

Everything is being reviewed. Looks good. Yes, I want to print it out for my records, so I can lose it before next year.  Yes, I think saving it to my hard drive is a good idea. Hey TurboTax, maybe you should put it somewhere YOU will be able to find it next year.

Do I want to e-file? Absolutely. Let’s do this thing.

Yes! Done for another year! Refund money heading my way! We should go out for a celebration dinner tonight. That should be tax deductible, by the way.

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