Hiding in Plain Sight

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Hiding in Plain Sight

There is a lot in the news these days about how the government is watching all of us.*  One of my favorite TV shows is all about that.  So, in light of this new reality, I thought I’d offer up a few suggestions on how to hide things from people so that they will never be found – not even by the NSA.

If you want to hide something from a Baptist or a Presbyterian, put it in the third verse of any hymn.  Note: This does not work for Methodists; they tend to sing every verse.

Want to hide something from someone with ADHD?

  • Hide it in a list longer than 10 items and place it below the tenth item.  They will never find it.
  • Near something shiny or flashing.
  • In a desk drawer.

Got something you don’t want a man to find?

  • Put something on top of it.  Anything will work.  Test it out. Put a magazine on top of his car keys.
  • In a woman’s purse.
  • For high level security, put it in a tampon box.
  • In a set of instructions.  Perfectly secure there. (This one doesn’t apply to all men, so be sure you know who you are dealing with.)

Children?  This is like shooting fish in a barrel, people:

  • In the veggie drawer or in a bag of Brussel sprouts.
  • With their tooth brush.
  • Put it at eye-level and ask them to look for it.  This one is wonderfully devious.
  • Near the broom, dust pan, dog leash, pile of dirty dishes – really anything near or in anything relating to a chore.

And what’s easier than hiding things from kids?  Hiding things from teens!

  • Put it in the morning sunlight.
  • In the homework assignments.
  • The basket of clean laundry waiting to be put away.
  • An empty toilet paper roll (it’s going nowhere).
  • That bag of Brussel sprouts is still good, too.


A special shout-out goes to my niece Melissa Hanna, who  shared some of these excellent hiding places with me.

* My thoughts on Government surveillance – Yes, I believe they have the ability to spy on all of us, but they don’t have the manpower, so relax.


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