Waiting for Fruit Snack

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Waiting for Fruit Snack

My first grandchild is due to arrive any day now. Her due date was this past Sunday. The anticipation is immeasurable.

Our bags are mostly packed. The house is in order. The pet/house sitter is on call. We are ready to jump in the car at a moment’s notice.

Seven months ago I was sitting at a table at The Tale of the Whale in Nags Head, North Carolina with my husband Randy, my son Ben and my daughter-in-law Sarah. I was clueless. We had just ordered our food. I was about to put my reading glasses away.

“You might want to keep your glasses out,” Ben teased.

Sarah had called earlier that week and asked if we wanted to spend the weekend in Nags Head.  Nags Head is my favorite place to be.  I’m always up for a trip to OBX (The Outer Banks). And I often assume everyone else feels the same way, so I didn’t think anything of the invitation to spend time with three of my favorite people in my favorite place.

“Why?” (Still clueless, here)

“You’re gonna want to see this clearly,” he said as he pulled a photo from his lap and handed it to me.

fruitsnackThere was nothing about that photo that was discernible, yet it was unmistakable. It was an ultrasound photo. There was a baby on the way!

What happened next is kind of foggy. I’m sure we ate dinner. I know we shared a laugh that the due date was May 4. Ben is a sci-fi nerd — OK, we all are — so having a due date on Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you) just seemed very appropriate. Yet one more proof that God has a sense of humor and was smiling at us.

The months between that day an today have been fun for me. We found out that the baby was a girl right before Christmas. Some baby clothes were bought. I threw a shower. I kept tabs on how everything was going.

There were a couple of scares.

Sarah didn’t feel Fruit Snack move for a few days and her OB had her go to the Emergency Room and have everything checked out. She was fine… just chillin’.

A few weeks ago, Sarah had a car accident when she lost control on a patch of ice. The car was totalled. Mom and baby were miraculously fine.

At this point, we all just really want to see and hold this baby… my baby’s first child… my first grandchild…

I find myself imagining what it will be like to have a granddaughter… what she will be like… if my heart can keep from exploding!

I had a dream about her just the other night. She was maybe four years old. I saw her from behind. I didn’t see her face.

I had a dream years ago about seeing her for the first time. I remember that the sun was shining and that she was beautiful (although I woke up thinking it was a grand SON).

There are a few things I know about Fruit Snack:

This child is well loved already.

This child has been prayed for often.

This child will enter the world to a lot of very excited, very happy people.

Fruit Snack?

The story goes like this:

My niece has three young daughters. At the time of this story they were 7, 5 and 2. My niece asked the girls if they thought Ben and Sarah’s baby would be a girl or a boy. The 7 y/o said she thought it was a boy. The 5 y/o said it was a girl.  The 2 y/o…

“Fruit Snack.”



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  1. Jeannette
    May 7, 2014

    Can I say, there is nothing like the joy of a precious grandchild looking at you with those loving eyes and saying with a big smile, ‘I love you Granny.’ Your capacity to love expands beyond anything you can image!! When they leave them with you, you struggle with tension – ‘oh my, this is my baby’s child and I’m responsible for them. Oh my! Lord, please don’t let anything go wrong.’ When those little arms reach out to hug and kiss you, your heart melts a thousand times. . . . .

    Your pocket book is swelling with money you want to spend on them and the parents say, ‘don’t buy them anything else! They have enough STUFF as it is.’ And your come back is – ‘hey I’m the Granny, I can buy them what I want to buy them.’ And then they ask, ‘Granny can I spend the night with you?’ ‘Granny, when can we make Christmas cookies?’

    Joy – truly bundles of joy!!! That delight and fill your heart and soul with such great love and happiness! Thank You Jesus – for precious grandchildren!!! The best gift to Grandparents!!


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